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INTEGRA Technologies provides a wide range of services and technology designed to solve leak related problems in bolted assemblies. Services range from leak detection, right up to 100% leak prevention– and everything in between.

Stud/Bolt Tensioning and Ultrasonic Stress Monitoring · Flange Facing, Breakout & Nut splitting · Boiler Weight Services · Pipe Support Rod Analysis · Subsea Bolt Tensioning · Turbine Tensioning & Ultrasonics.

Sale or Rental of Tension and Torquing Equipmet, including Pumps, Fittings and Hoses.


Custom Manufactured B7 and B16 Studs, Nuts and Washers. And introducing the new High Temperature, High Performance Hydraulic Nut which allows for simultaneous and complete Tensioning and Detensioning of Critical Equipment Studs.

Slash Disassembly / Assembly Time up to 80% High Performance Hydraulic Nuts make all other nuts obsolete on applications such as heat exchangers and reactor manways. Find out now, how your plant can generate increased revenue and profits, by getting back on line predictably faster, with INTEGRA's
revolutionary BlackHawk™ Hydraulic Nuts. Discover the faster, better, safer maintenance solutions on all your critical component flanges.

INTEGRA inventories a complete choice of tools for a wide range of bolting needs. For the Hydraulic Multi-Stud Tensioning because it is superior in a number of important ways. Tensioning gets the job done better, faster and safer - thereby minimizing costs and downtime. Additionally, the chance of work related injury is dramatically reduced during flange make-up or breakout. Ultimate in Safety - Bolt tensioning is a totally hands-off operation - it virtually eliminates the danger of pinch point injuries. Greater Accuracy - Tensioners are powerfully actuated and controlled with precisely monitored hydraulic power, rather than manual effort. Optimum Sealing - Up to 100% of the flange bolts can be tightened simultaneously to quickly ensure precise and equally distributed clamping pressure. Small and Light - Tensioners are much smaller and lighter to handle, and can be quickly moved into a wide range of positions. Powerful Hydraulics - Precise hydraulic power is directly supplied to all tensioners simultaneously from the safety of the operator's console at the pump unit. Speedy Portability - The tensioners are easily set up and are simultaneously activated through the hydraulic hose network to tighten the bolts instantly.

If the application isn't suited to "tensioning", the next best alternative is torquing. We maintain a broad selection of both hydraulic and manual torque wrenches. Sizes range from 750 ft. lbs. to 75,000 ft. lbs. and include square drive and compact, low-profile ratchet wrenches.

The only way you can be absolutely sure of proper clamping pressure is to measure bolt stretch - and the only practical way to do that is with ultrasonic verification. Every other method is guesswork - and guesswork can be dangerous, costly and could lead to unscheduled shutdowns. Ultrasonic verification instantly provides digitized read-out of the true bolt load. Our Bolt Scope enables the technician to adjust the loadings to ensure that correct specified clamping pressure is applied equally to every bolt. A hard copy printout ensures accountability and compliance.

The specialized machining provided by INTEGRA is significantly different than most general contractors. Our "know-how" and equipment is highly customized to meet the unique and complex requirements of bolted gasketed assemblies such as raised face and ring-type joint flanges, as well as heat exchanger and manway flanges up to 144 inches.

Hydraulic Nut Splitting provides a speedy solution to problems caused by seized or corroded nuts. The precision engineered cutting wedge of the tool ensures stuck nuts are quickly split open without causing damage to threads.

There is no environment in the world that is more hostile and dangerous than working undersea, on offshore platforms. Absolute zero- defects solutions are essential to protect the environment and ensure uninterrupted production. SEAStallion™ Sub-sea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners were developed to meet the challenge of preventing leaks - since any leak could result in catastrophy.

Control is everything in undersea work. Specifications must be met in absolute terms. Tools must be designed so they may be used safely and effectively in a watery and murky environment. Time is of the essence, and SEAStallion's simultaneous, multi-stud tensioning, can save up to 80% of the time needed by alternative methods, in the simultaneous bolting of multi-stud sealed joints.

SEAStallion Sub-sea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners provide the fast, high load, controlled power required to align, pull up and reliably seal; pipeline flanges, clamped joints, repair clamps, templates and other critical sealed connections.

Because of their exacting precision and safety margin SEAStallion Sub-sea Hydraulic Tensioning tools have been used in almost every North Sea subsea pipeline - and have since proven themselves widely in the Gulf of Mexico and
the eastern seaboard.

Buy or Rent?

In addition to the many full service packages we provide, we also sell and rent specialized bolting tools to companies that prefer to arrange their own service work. Our prices are competitive and delivery is prompt and reliable. Equipment For Sale
  • Bolt Tensioners
  • Sub-Sea Tensioners
  • Nut Splitters
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Torque Multipliers
  • Hydraulic Nuts
  • Flange Tensioners
  • Studs and Nuts
  • Flange Facing Machines
  • Ultrasonic Bolt Scope

Equipment For Rent

  • Bolt Tensioners
  • Sub-Sea Tensioners
  • Nut Splitters
  • Torque Wrenches
  • Hydraulic Pump Units
  • Turbine Closure Systems
  • Flange Facing Machines
      custom tooling

Custom Tooling Made For Special Applications

INTEGRA has long been involved in pioneering and developing high performance tools to expedite the servicing of bolted assemblies. We doubt that any other company has as much hands-on expertise as we do in executing specialized bolting work.
If your company ever has a need for custom made bolting tools, call on INTEGRA for superior results.