Reverse Engineering & Refurbishment

Our customer, the utilities department in the refinery, called Hunter Hawk for help meeting a critical turnaround requirement.

The MRO team, familiar with Hunter Hawk, asked us to repair a critical piece of equipment for a fast turnaround while they continued to wait for the existing off-shore manufacturer to deliver the new replacement part.

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Refinery MRO Collaborating & Innovating with Hunter Hawk

Faster Delivery - 2 weeks vs 24 weeks

Critical Part – Sprocket Drive: API  40T,  4-5/16 in. Bore, H78 Chain Hunter Hawk Part # 100-3752-00

  • Hunter Hawk REFURBISHED the EXISTING PART and delivered within 10 calendar days
  • Installed immediately by customer
  • Hunter Hawk ENGINEERED & MANUFACTURED an additional new sprocket in 5 WEEKS for the customer.

And the performance of the existing off-shore vendor?

After the refinery waited 8 months’ lead-time, the new OEM sprocket delivered was the wrong size and unusable.

MRO streamlining production processes with Hunter Hawk
saves time & money.

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